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CONTEST: The Great Holiday Contest!
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Pinball Amateur

Dec-10-2007 00:14

We thought we'd give Anikka an early present, since she’s been working so hard all year on the contests, and let her have a bit of a break....;-)

So...Wish On a Star is pleased to announce the Great Holiday Contest!

The premise is simple. Tell us about a holiday, any December or January holiday of your choosing (and yes, this includes the Southern Hemisphere too). It can be Hanukkah, Christmas, Rhamadan, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, the Winter Solstice, hey, we'll even take International Hug a Tiger Day. ;-D

The rules aren't much more complicated either. You can use any format you like--prose, poetry, story, haiku, song, whatever. The more original and creative it is, the better! Spelling, punctuation, and basic mechanics DO count, as always. And the piece MUST be about a holiday, in one form or another. Does it have to refer to Sleuth, or mystery or noir genres? Not really, no, but if you can tie them in, it’ll be a bonus.

And for those who think they're not 'writers' or proficient English speakers, we’d REALLLLLLY like to see as many entries as possible. We're judging on effort, not on perfection. So give it a shot, you just might surprise yourself!!

Entries are due by 11:59 SERVER time, December 31st, so get your thinking caps on, and like the elves, get to work!! ;-D

(A word of advice: We're looking for holidays that fall between December 1 and February 10. Don’t bother trying to submit something about May Day; it won’t fly. ;-)



Jan-3-2008 23:25

Congratulations to all the entrants, from Wish On A Star!!

Sleuth About Town

Jan-4-2008 11:32

Way to Go to all the winners. And thanks to Wish On A Star.
This was a way cool contest!


Jan-5-2008 08:05

Wow, a first place win, I guess it's time to give the acceptance speech,
*clears throat*

Thanks to Wish on a Star for creating not only this contest, but all the others that Anikka has in the past, they are always alot of fun.

I would like to thank the members of my agency for all their hard work within the Treasure Hunts.

Thanks to my co-director lilangel for her help in composing this entry.

But mostly, I would like to thank, ME!!!!! without my extreme talent and creativity, none of this would be possible! :-P

Seriously, thanks to all who participated, we had some great stories and conrgats go out to the other winners as well.

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