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CONTEST: The Great Holiday Contest!
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Pinball Amateur

Dec-10-2007 00:14

We thought we'd give Anikka an early present, since she’s been working so hard all year on the contests, and let her have a bit of a break....;-)

So...Wish On a Star is pleased to announce the Great Holiday Contest!

The premise is simple. Tell us about a holiday, any December or January holiday of your choosing (and yes, this includes the Southern Hemisphere too). It can be Hanukkah, Christmas, Rhamadan, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, the Winter Solstice, hey, we'll even take International Hug a Tiger Day. ;-D

The rules aren't much more complicated either. You can use any format you like--prose, poetry, story, haiku, song, whatever. The more original and creative it is, the better! Spelling, punctuation, and basic mechanics DO count, as always. And the piece MUST be about a holiday, in one form or another. Does it have to refer to Sleuth, or mystery or noir genres? Not really, no, but if you can tie them in, it’ll be a bonus.

And for those who think they're not 'writers' or proficient English speakers, we’d REALLLLLLY like to see as many entries as possible. We're judging on effort, not on perfection. So give it a shot, you just might surprise yourself!!

Entries are due by 11:59 SERVER time, December 31st, so get your thinking caps on, and like the elves, get to work!! ;-D

(A word of advice: We're looking for holidays that fall between December 1 and February 10. Don’t bother trying to submit something about May Day; it won’t fly. ;-)


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-21-2007 23:44

Nice Lilangel!


Can't wait till the judging. Who are the judges, anyway?

Pinball Amateur

Dec-22-2007 00:01

The judges will be the members of Wish On a Star, the sponsors of this contest. ;-)

Keep 'em comin', guys!! We'd like to see lots of entries. How bout some stories? ;-)

Tireless Tiger

Dec-24-2007 11:20

Twas the night before Christmas and through The Dawg
It was eerily quiet, not even a sound.
The treasures were shining, in the trophy room with flair.
We hoped a new item soon would be there.

The agents were sleeping, snug in their beds.
Visions of treasures danced in their heads.
Brady in a Mexican and ctown in a Newsie.
Had just settled down for a long winter snoozy.

When down the block we heard a loud clatter.
We ran out the door to see what was the matter.
Seems a treasure was stolen and The Green Hand knew.
They told us to start with the fortune teller, Miss
Xandra Pew.

We went to wake the agents to make a game plan.
But they were all missing, along with the agency van.
When all of the sudden, from just down the street.
The van turned the corner, here came the fleet.

There was a young driver, who was up for a thrill.
An agency director, known simply as lil.
Even past visitors were in on the game.
She huddled them together and called them by name.

Now Breitkat, now Annika, Babyluv and Brady
On 25, on ctown, on Carter and Bonelady.
Off to St. James' Park, no favor's too small.
Now hunt away, hunt away, hunt away all

Brady solved the first; we didn't have to go far.
The next favor we needed, the waiter Artemus Carr.
Breitkat was next, Missy at her side,
They've worked well together on hunts worldwide

Babyluv solved and we had the option to crack.
Ctown could do it, he has that knack.
The last favor is for the Tailor, Penelope Pins.
We let Carter do the honors, and then Dawg Pound wins.

We returned to the agency, hookah in hand.
With 400 more fame and a prize of 4 grand.
It was a tough one to win, other agencies put up a
good fight.
Dawg Pound wishes Happy Holidays to all Sleuthers, and
to all a good night!!!!


Dec-25-2007 05:21

OH, Great job Ctown. Loved that one.

Sleuth About Town

Dec-25-2007 12:52

That was brilliant, ctown!


Dec-27-2007 22:22

woken at 6 by two little boys
watching my brothers open their toys
looking at mine thinking
"i don't want that,
what is this,
what a cool hat!

looking at the tree
entranced by the lights
if i squint my eyes
they burn really bright

50 presents later then we go out the back
cricket time, take a wack
turn the sprinklers on,
nuddy pants time
wet sunscreen feels like we're covered in slime

back inside for christmas lunch
I didn't have breakfast so more like brunch.
felt really full, maybe time for a sleep
but no, my brother wet me a heap
i do believe it's time to attack
water balloons make a really great SPLAT!

a water fight later and it's getting kinda late
this christmas sure has been great
leftover turkey for dinner tonight
then to bed with dreams of the best water fight.

i'm an Aussie hence the hot christmas.

Pinball Amateur

Dec-30-2007 23:23

Lookin' great, guys!!

There's only a little time left, so get your entries in while you can!! ;-)

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Dec-31-2007 11:05

Well, today's the day! Great entries, everyone! Now to find out who won!

Hey, that almost rhymes! :-)

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

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Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Dec-31-2007 18:30

Jas' Christmas Delight!

4 cups of family.
2 cups of kids running around, excitedly awaiting the opening of their presents.
A pinch of white as snow, fluffy mashed potatoes.
2 teaspoons of the fresh smell of homemade pumpkin pie.
1 honey-smoked turkey, courtesy of Uncle.
A dash of modeling off our gifts, especially those oh-so tighty whities...
4 tablespoons of stuffed tummies.

Coupled together with laughter, love, thankfulness, and lots of blessings to make this the perfect holiday on the west!

While most of the family has dwindled down, and the kids are all grown. I still remember good ole' Gramps, modeling around in his Christmas wear. The family laughed, as he showed his white chicken legs. Grams was in the kitchen busily preparing for the huge feast that was about to be set upon our eyes, never once complaining that she was tired. We all waited in anticipation for grams hommade mashed potatoes...poor grams, she could never make enough!! And after all the presents were unwrapped, and all was said and done, nothing topped it off like singing Christmas tunes. Although we were awful, and the neighbors probably turned up the radio at the sound of our tunes, it always seemed to bring us laughter.

It wasn't about the presents under the tree, or even food upon the table. It wasn't about the Christmas tree and decorations, or even the the Christmas carols. It was about being together as a family, and giving thanks to all we had. It was about the laughter and love that filled the house, a time to come together and truly remember how blessed we all were to have such a tight-knit and caring family. And of course, we always made sure to give thanks to our dear Savior's birth and all that he has done for us.

This is the recipe that I hold dear to my heart, as it's a reminder of what Christmas, and the holiday season is really about...a recipe that will never part!

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