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AV Hunt Question - possible spoilers?
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Dec-8-2007 05:55

Hi there,

I don't know if I'm spoiling the AVH process, but I was wondering if a clue along the lines of ".... is NOT the Waitress" or the clues like "southof detective shop" when the shop is already high up on the map are used only as 'tie' breakers'?

i.e. Everytime I've gotten one of those clues, its been the other townsperson who shares the same set of traits (i.e. north, east, female, river - "not the waitress" would have been the tiebreaker).

I'm thinking that the game generates that hint only when necessary (like it should be the final hint to help you distinguish), but if you get it as a first clue, then can you use it to figure out your cospirator immediately?

To any mods / admins, feel free to edit my post if it contains too much information pertaining to AVH hunts.

Thanks to any repliers in advance!


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jan-7-2010 07:00

If you look at your map you'll see that the the Bartender is on par with the detective shop so he is not who you are looking for, and since it is not the Holy Man then you are left with one choice.

Sorry I didn't notice this thread earlier Clint.


Jan-7-2010 11:52

Already helped Clint out, with a small site that gave him enough info to get along ^^.

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