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cant find big lucy


Nov-29-2007 00:15

well i paid larry the toe and told me that big lucy is on the west of sami's resto, but when i go to the map i cant find it. How do u specifically look for it?


Pinball Amateur

Nov-29-2007 00:25

There's a couple of ways. The tried-and-true method is by running your mouse around the location where Lucy's is, and when you hit on it, your cursor will change. You then click on that, and Big Lucy's should appear.

For some systems, there are shortcuts to this process. The one that works for me is by hitting Control + A. It'll bring up all the areas you can click on. The spot that's not usually familiar will be where Lucy's is.

There's other shortcuts like this. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what all of them are. You can do a search for Lucy's on the boards, and may find more options.

Bottom line, keep looking. If you paid Larry the Twerp, the Cabaret will be there until you open your next case. Then, it disappears. ;-)


Nov-29-2007 01:40

hey thanks i've been there! hehe i selected everything & somehow search near where he said it ( in my case larry said west of sami's resto so after i highlighted everything i serch to the left of sami's & it was there! u will see it is square when u point ur mouse.... thanks breitkat!!!!

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