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CONTEST: Once Upon a Noir...
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Nov-18-2007 10:24

Well, it's bedtime and I can't sleep. I wanna hear a story!!!

But not just any story, no... that would be too easy. I wanna hear a noir fairy tale.

THE PREMISE: Take a fairy tale and make it Noir.

THE RULES: * Must be based on an existing fairy tale - doesn't have to be a popular one, but at least point me to the original, if it's an obscure one.
* All entries must be posted no later than 11:59 PM, November 30, 2007.
* Spelling and grammar count.
* Please be realistic with story length. If it takes three posts to tell, it's too long!!

THE PRIZES: I'm workin' on it...but there will be prize(s).

I know the last couple of contests were on the restrictive and difficult side, and rewriting a fairy tale as Noir may not be the simplest thing, but there are very few restrictions and rules this time - so let's see what you've got!



Dec-8-2007 13:14

To Mister Stoobethdoobeth...erm, Stooby :) shall be awarded one basket of poisoned apples. Or maybe they're not poisoned. Who wants to take a chance?

To Mister Brick84-eth (doh-eth!) shall be awarded one golden egg. There are no guarantees it was laid by a goose, but do you really care? It's 24k gold. If you're feeling brave, I guess you could try hatching it.

To Mister Ctown the downtown Browns clown :-) shall be awarded a mysterious key. It could be the key that opens the crystal casket holding Snow White. It could be the key that opens the vault holding all the gems the seven dwarves have dug up. It could be the key to the royal outhouse. Only the chatelaine knows for sure, and he ain't talking.

Thank you, Ben, for kicking in some sweet prizes. You rock-eth. :-) Hey, you win, too. Now you have some bedtime stories to tell Diego!

Tireless Tiger

Dec-8-2007 13:23

Oooh, I can't wait, I'm gonna be running all over the place sticking that key into anything and everything. I'll let you all all know if I find anything! :-)
Thanks for the prizes Ben and thanks again for running the contest to you Anikka!

Sleuth About Town

Dec-8-2007 13:34

Many thanks fer the prizes ,Ben. And Annika, yer the best. :-)

I hope in my curious examination of the egg, I don't turn into that spoiled little chick from "Willy Wonka" and fall down a chute. On the other hand, I don't want the egg doing the reverse while I'm trying to hatch it. :-o LOL.

I'll let y'all know.

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