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P.I. Seeking NYC Agency


Nov-15-2007 09:32

I am relatively new, but I have an analytical mind and enjoy mysteries. After trying my hand solo in this business, I find the going to be rough.

I have settled in NYC for now, and am looking for an agency willing to take on a (hopefully promising) rookie. I am ready to do what is needed to assist the Agency in any manner within my capabilities.

Contact me through Sleuth Mail if there is any interest. Thank you.


Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Nov-18-2007 08:13

Boots Detective agency is looking for 2 new detectives...we have expanded our location for the 4th time and very active in treasure hunts with several trophies under our belts..we are a family oriented agency...everyone assist contacts dont worry...we will help you...if you are still interested contact me through the agency recruiting list under Botsie Boots P.I. or PM me directly...


Nov-18-2007 18:31

Nice bio Vinris! :)

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