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feature requests/blahing
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Mar-22-2004 19:05

boards: add category to posts. bugs, feature requests, pictures of my dog, etc

suspect list: i have trouble associating them, and with a limited number of pictures, when i get new suspects and they are inserted IN the middle of the list it confuses me? make sense? like, add new suspects to the buttom of the list.

bad memory: can we see the motives we've discovered either on the map page or on the case page instead of having to go to the detail page?

photos: could we get more photos in the mix to help suspects feel more different?

asking about somebody: could they clam up before we choose who to ask about just to save the click?

please excuse my ramblings.

oh and boards: change to preview from post button and then allow a "second chance" to edit post before posting.

oh and accusing: maybe setting that link apart more. it always seems to be the first, if it's an option, and it's jsut so damn tempting!

and that's it...


Kensha Starr
Kensha Starr

May-6-2014 10:15

The feature requests on this page are excellent as well :).

Danny Mack
Danny Mack
Old Shoe

May-9-2014 03:59

I keep losing apartments... when we go to real estate office, can it tell me where it is?

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