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Botsie Boots P.I. Now Hiring

Amira Diamond
Amira Diamond
Old Shoe

Nov-13-2007 07:23

Are you interested in traveling around the world...

Do you want to be the best detective you can be

Then come join Botsie Boots, P.I.

Boots has come a long way and has expanded 3 times in the past few months...we are located in New York City and we now have room for 2 more detectives...

At present we would love to have someone with the barber contact, however to join Boots contacts are not necessary..

We have a really great staff and with our officers and agents we make a perfect team...each and everyone of us will assist you in getting contacts...Here at Boots we work closely together...

If interested contact Amira Diamond on this message board or you can PM me directly..

Hope to see you soon!!


Miss Toria
Miss Toria

Nov-15-2007 08:17

We would as well welcome someone with the tailor contact! :)

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