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My character is about to commit suicide
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Nov-7-2007 08:51

What am I doing wrong? My character is now 88 days old and have been doing Intermediate cases. I only have 3 skill points and I don't get any more at all. My only contact is the Music Teacher.

I have Interrogation and Advanced Intimidation, Handwriting and Footprint Analysis; also Advanced Thread and Hair Analysis and Research.

I have 2 false accusations and every single favor I get throws me into Incredibly Hard cases -these are really impossible to solve with my present skills. Even if I get lucky and solve some of them, I always get a reward and not a contact.

I am about ready to just falsely accuse someone to retire this detective, but have put in a lot of time and effort to advance and just can't get any further.

Is this something I am doing wrong? I would like anyanswers that may help me and will watch this topic closely for a few days. Thanks in advance for any suggestions that may help me.


Old Shoe

Nov-7-2007 13:15

Another thing that might help you out is tougher clothes if you get a chance to get tough clothes trade off with something you already have. Once you get your interrogation skills up it will get easier.

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