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the mobs

Tara S. Chise
Tara S. Chise

Oct-29-2004 18:16

i was wondering the point of the mobs. and also, what's with the "secret skill" or something like. i know that one of them is safe cracking, but where's that gonna come in handy? i heard the order of socrates is hypnosis, and the third is like pickpocketing or something. so i was just wondering if someone could help me with that. thx!



Oct-29-2004 20:07

The mobs (or factions) are important for treasure hunts (someone has to be in 'good' with that faction to get the info to start a hunt.), for secret skills, and for special gear.

Skills -
Safecracking is also only good for agency/treasure hunts. Some hunts require getting keys to safedeposit boxes, and Safecracking gets you the last one free.

Pickpocketing lets you get your money back when your client is the guilty one. Hypnosis lets you ask for suspects with motives and get a few extra now and then.

all of them are 'later game' skills - there are much more important ones to get first - like research and lockpicking.

Each faction has special gear - like my jacket and cane are both +5 charm, and I bought them both at my faction (Dies Arcanum). You can't get them anywhere else, and they are better than what you could get from even high level favors.

In general DA has the best charm gear, socrates the best smart gear and Cosa Nostra the best tough gear, but there are exceptions.

Brigid Albaeire
Brigid Albaeire

Oct-29-2004 20:18

Great answer, Dogberta!

Tara S. Chise
Tara S. Chise

Oct-30-2004 00:05

wow, thank you! i already have research and lockpicking, so i'm pretty well set. thanks!

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