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Shades of Mystery Gameplay Movie
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Nov-3-2007 23:56

I've put up a new screenshot and a gameply video on the Shades of Mystery page.

We've been doing quite a bit of work on the searchable locations (crime scenes and suspects homes) and I thought you'd like a look at what we've got going. Also, I think the video gives you a better idea of actual gameplay than anything I've posted up to this point.

The Shades of Mystery page can be accessed from City Hall.

Some notes about the video:

1) The actual game does not take nearly as long to load as that video. I'd actually recommend letting the whole video load before watching it, otherwise it will look choppy unless you have a very fast connection.

2) This video has been compressed and shrunken a bit to conserver filesize. The game is about 20% bigger than the video (the screenshots are actual size).

3) Right now, we only have furniture sets in for bedrooms. That's why there is a bed in the sitting room rather than something more appropriate.




Nov-27-2007 03:21

Looks really promising. I love these style of detective games. One thing was bothering me when I was watching the video, however. Is there a reason that when you find something, you would not want to take it? I noticed you have the option to leave it there and now I am intrigued as to why. Looks very polished already.

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