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need help with starting agency


Oct-19-2007 16:27

i ned some one to help me start an agency website is made all i need is money and help to run it


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Oct-19-2007 16:59

Ms. Briana, not too long ago you wanted this same thing, and you were apart of an agency and such...might want to work on not getting yourself retired over and over. People will tend to stick around longer with you if they know you are willing to stick around as well!

Good Luck! :)

miss guided
miss guided

Oct-20-2007 08:51

373 Days old, 5380 Xp and .......... no clothes, not a very good advert Ms Briana.

Theres lots of help around on the various websites, and on the sleuth boards. Id try starting again and working at it abit more or at the very least dress yourself.

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