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Murder in Manhattan!

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Oct-17-2007 20:16

Get this. Buggles2000 wrote a featured mystery, and in it, somebody actually gets killed!

You over the shock yet? Good, go play it. It's fun.

Thanks to Buggles2000 for all of the hard work and the long wait. Also thanks to Anikka and Secret Squirrel for a bang up job editing and getting this mystery into top shape.

This mystery is rated "Easy" and it's a bit of a throwback, in that it is structured very much like a Random Mystery, the way the early FMs were.

This mystery has been set to be playable to non-subscribed players so everybody can enjoy!


Safety Officer

Oct-18-2007 06:19

lol... I mean OH! yay ... fairy tales do come true, it can happen to you. Poor Buggles probably thought this would never come out the other side.

See, a good lesson to all budding authors: rejection is not the end of the road, perseverance pays off. :)

Charlotte Montgomery
Charlotte Montgomery

Oct-19-2007 11:33

This was good, it was structed as a reandom mystery, but it was quite enjoyable.

Washed Up Punter

Oct-22-2007 01:58

Nice FM! :) Especially good for our newbies out there. Thanks for the hard work on this Buggles!

Sleuth About Town

Oct-25-2007 22:06

This is a FM that is made for the newbies. Quite happy that it's not structured like the others; as those get confusing for a newbie to do a FM then a random. I like the fact that it's simple... of course, all us writers know it's not simple, but it is a simple playout to it.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Nov-23-2007 00:38

Congrats, Buggles! I did it. Well, my alter-ego did it.

Speaking of which, beware! My first mystery is about 2/5ths complete! Maybe 3/5ths! Yippee!

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