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Witness Evidence Questions
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Lucky Stiff

Oct-9-2007 17:31

This is rather intuitive, but I want a double check from a knowledgable sleuth:

I know the formulas involving witness evidence for finding the killer.
I know that I need WE + WE or WE + F/NA

Here are my questions:

Am I correct that there will always be 3 pieces of WE in AI cases, and that 2 of them will point to the killer? If so, then if I have WE pointing to 2 people, and one of them has a true alibi and the other is unknown, then the one with the unknown alibi is the killer?

ALSO: does WE ever point to someone who has NO PE against them? In my experience the WE always matches up with a piece of evidence, even if it points to a suspect with a true alibi, hence the possibility of false accusations.



Dark Raven
Dark Raven
Trusted Informer

Oct-15-2007 20:34

I actually have a screenshot of the 5 WE in a AI case. If someone wants to see it, pm me and I'll send it over.

Happy sleuthing all.

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