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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Oct-9-2007 10:30

If you're not in an agency and you win an item as a favor reward are you given the option to store it in your apartment? Or do you have to take it or sell it right on the spot?


Old Shoe

Oct-9-2007 15:52

I dont think you get this option, the only way around it would be to go to your apartment and undress before accusing when doing your favor then you would automatically be wearing it and would have a choice of putting it in your apartment or selling it


Oct-9-2007 23:50

To back up Woody2 I've just finished a London based favour, my apartment is in London and the only option I have for my prize is to sell or store in our agencie's locker.

If you are in the same city as your apartment and have enough storage room then you can take off your gear and store it at your apartment before accusing as you don't need any stats to accuse.

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