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Does the guilty person change in featured mystery?
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Sep-29-2007 10:51

I have played the Unread will 4 times. Each time the clues seemed to remain the same and each time I accused the person I thought was guilty I got it wrong.
Are there more than 7 suspects? I've asked each of the 7 if they are aware of anyone with a motive. Each time the same number of suspects turn up.
Does the guilty person change each time one plays the game? I've accuse all four of the people who didn't have a motive and been wrong each time.
Does the physical evidence change? Each time I've played I checked the physical evidence against every suspect in various combinations and haven't gotten one match.
Do I have to uncover up all the scripted plot elements?
I don't know if I can ask anyome questions without giving something away to people who haven't played the mystery yet.
I am one confused detective


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Sep-30-2007 04:35

Well, It doesn't HAVE to play itself out fully. But that is the recomended corse of action.

You do need a motive from the guilty party and many scripts only you those motives near the end.

Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.
Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.

Sep-30-2007 16:57

Scripted mysteries are written, sort of like a book, so they never change. You do one, then you can do it again, but you don't get any extra benefit.

You can write your own scripted mystery if you want, go to City Hall and click on Sleuth content.

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