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SM questions - AND trigger/OR trigger?
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Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Sep-28-2007 06:31

I swear I've seen the answer to this somewhere but I couldn't find it after searching through the whole Writer's Workshop so here goes...

If you make two questions and you have both of them unlock a question. (the same question) Will that new question be unlocked as soon as one of the unlockers gets asked?

I'm guessing that the answer is yes. If so, how do I fix it so that both questions will be required?


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Sep-29-2007 03:28

In other words the an update to the SM writer has moved up to the highest spot on my wishlist for Sleuth.

Something like a "number node" which you set to X number and when it has been "caused" that X number of times it does it's effects.

Alternatively something that needs to be caused twice before it does it's effects.

Neither should be visible to the player. Just to the writer.

Anyway, that's what I wish.
If I find something other than the contact way of combining this. I'll write them here. (unlikely)

Old Shoe

Oct-20-2007 01:56

When thinking about it, I do think that both AND and OR is possible to do.
It will depend on the possibility to do this two events:
* Let one event release more than one question.
* Let one event remove one or more questions.
* Two different questions can release the same thing/event...

To do a AND, that demands that question A and question B must be answered, you will need to make 4 questions: A1, A2, B1, B2, where A1 and A2 have the same content, and are equal to question A, and B1 and B2 have the same content and are equal to question B.
The A question is the question suspect A is to answer, and the B question is the question suspect B is to answer.
In the beginning you unlock question A1 for suspect A, and question B2 for suspect B.
If A answers question A1 first, you will remove question B2, and unlock question B1.
If B answers question B2 first, you will remove question A1, and unlock question A2.
Ant then, when question B1 is answered you will unlock C, or if question A2 is answered you will unlock C.
You actually have two series: A1 -> B1 -> C and B2 -> A2 -> C.
The clue here lays in the crucial point of being able to remove a question. If that can be done, you are able to do the AND.
Unfortunately I haven't checked if it's possible...

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Oct-20-2007 11:07

Currently, the Cause/Effect triggers are OR. If any single Cause has occurred, the Effect event is unlocked.

As Jojo says, AND logic can often be implemented using multiple event triggers. The most common being that one event reveals a suspect while a second event reveals a question for that suspect.

Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Oct-21-2007 04:48

Tried using the method described by Huglover.
There's no way to get rid of a question without actually asking it.

The system still works with twists though. (and I just might use that) But questions will probably need a suspect to work.

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter

Apr-25-2008 07:05

I think there really should be a way to remove questions. In addition to simulating boolean operations like described above, I can think of scenarios where it would add a level of control to make sure the plot moves in a sensible manner.

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