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No favours?
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Miss Toria
Miss Toria

Sep-24-2007 12:46

I left New York after I've done 3 cases.
I arrived to London and wanted to start with a favour, but they didn't have anything for me at the time.

I thought maybe 3 favours IN THIS I've checked if I can do a favour after each case....but still nothing.

Up to now I have done 7 cases without a favour...what's up with that?


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Sep-26-2007 03:04

But really this is all you have to know:

When do you get a favor?
After 4 correctly finished cases: either 1 favor + 3 normal cases, or 4 normal cases.

So, after 4 wins you get a favour.

And it's a good rule of thumb to check if you have a favour in the city you're about to disembark from before leaving ;)

Sorry to confuse everyone even furthur with my previous post about favour counts, it is actually simple. I'll go away now!

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