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No favours?
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Miss Toria
Miss Toria

Sep-24-2007 12:46

I left New York after I've done 3 cases.
I arrived to London and wanted to start with a favour, but they didn't have anything for me at the time.

I thought maybe 3 favours IN THIS I've checked if I can do a favour after each case....but still nothing.

Up to now I have done 7 cases without a favour...what's up with that?


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Sep-26-2007 02:58

Ah, I think you're right Stooby.

And I don't see why you would do it like that. That would be silly.
BUT if at the end of the day you do favor, case, case, case then gain your favour but want to hold it, but you still have two cases left you can do those and then do the favour when you need it knowing after it, you'll only have to do one case for a favour.
Or if you just can't be bothered doing a favour (are there really people like that? ;) ) you can do a couple more cases, I guess.

ALSO, knowing this can help you plan in Multi City Hunts for Travel.

But if there is no advantage to you knowing, it's not a big deal :) It's just a good thing to clear up with some people.

Dave: Yep, it's a pretty good system :) but you need to be careful because the 6th case you do in a row will cancel out the next favour meaning you have to do three more.

On a side note, I have a feeling that when people are doing AVH where they're doing cases and travelling all the time and NOT doing favours is actually screwing up the favour count and I think that is why some people are finding they're doing 6 of 7 cases before they get a favour after a hunt.
I do not know this, this is just speculation. :)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Sep-26-2007 03:04

But really this is all you have to know:

When do you get a favor?
After 4 correctly finished cases: either 1 favor + 3 normal cases, or 4 normal cases.

So, after 4 wins you get a favour.

And it's a good rule of thumb to check if you have a favour in the city you're about to disembark from before leaving ;)

Sorry to confuse everyone even furthur with my previous post about favour counts, it is actually simple. I'll go away now!

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