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Skill Chance over 100 - skill fails?
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Sep-17-2007 17:18

Okay, I know the subject line probably doesn't make sense. How could you expect anything less from me? :-D


Not sure how this works. My impression was that the chance is a percentage. So in my below example, I had a 116% chance of my question being answered.

My chances:
Adjusted Rule Bending Chance: 116

What I chose to do:
Attempt to get him to bend the rules.

What I was told:
Milton decided to be more cooperative and answer more questions..

At that, he clammed up quick.
He'd had enough of my questions, unless there was something I could do to convince him to be more cooperative.

My thought was that perhaps I had absent-mindedly double-clicked the link for bending the rules. But even if I had, I should still have had the answer to the question (checking someone's alibi). Yet when I checked the case page, the alibi was still questionable.

So, has this happened to anyone else? Any idea what the cause is? Is it the game, or is it me? (Yeah, I know - it's probably 'operator error')



Sep-23-2007 14:50

Well, after all your wonderful answers I paid some really careful attention. It's happened to me twice more, and under exactly the circumstances that Woggle Woggs stated. Stooby, the person with the contact had asked all the questions, as far as I can tell. Perhaps the problem is that the question I'm trying to get answered (alibi) was not yet a question when the person with the contact had the case. If that makes sense. And it probably doesn't.

Thank you all for your help!!

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