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kind of mad
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Mexico Joe
Mexico Joe

Sep-16-2007 00:36

I played a lot of World of Warcraft a while back, and I always used to hate it when people posted on message boards complaining about nothing more than doing badly or screwing up somehow in the game, but I'm sorry, I'm actually pretty steamed right now.

I logged on right at midnight (according to the Sleuth clock, I work late - so these are my normal hours), really looking forward to playing. Yesterday, I had decided to just go around to other cities and check them out and when I logged off last night I was in Delhi.

So, I just logged on about a half hour ago, and quickly lost just about all my money and all my cases because apparently there are pirates blockading Delhi and I couldn't get through. So I've got no money and I'm cut off from my agency in a city where I have no contacts. Oh, and I have one case left.

I would just chalk it up to bad luck and say it was my own stupid fault, but I've read the newbie FAQ and other stuff around the site, and I've never read anything about pirates around Delhi, or pirates randomly blockading cities. Pirates blockading Cairo, sure, but that's it. I think if this is a hazard players can face while traveling, that should be advertised, preferably in the Newbie FAQ.

And if not, at the very least players shouldn't lose their money and cases for trips that they weren't able to make.

So do these pirates ever leave Delhi or should I just cancel my subscription?


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Sep-17-2007 05:52

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