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Endeavour Investigations - looking for 1 more Sleuth
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Sep-12-2007 06:21

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to be part of an active and defiantly up and coming agency (London top 10 in just over a month!). Do you want to be part of chatty bunch of people who have nothing better to do than play Sleuth all day long? Then Endeavour Investigations could be just the home for you.

We have 2 requirements and we are going to be strict about applicants meeting them as we only have 1 space. So without further preamble we are looking for someone who:

Has the barber and London Contact or is willing to work towards the barber by quitting all favours for the librarian, podiatrist and tailor till they get the barber.

And must be an active player, on every day come rain or snow.

Do you meet our exacting standards? Want to know what we have to offer? Check out our website and PM any of the members, we’ll all give you the low-down on what goes on at one of Sleuth’s finest agencies.

PM Stooby or Sophie4 if you want to sign up.


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-14-2007 05:54


Two days later and two more TH trophies :)
We're a good outfit but there is someone it you?

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