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When to move on

Tina Turner
Tina Turner

Sep-12-2007 04:35

When should I start thinking about moving to a different city? I know I need to be able to afford it but are there definite skills I should have before going? Any other tips from anyone?


Gena Long
Gena Long
Sleuth About Town

Sep-12-2007 06:29

Well, you can only travel with the clothes on your back so make sure you are caught up on your smarts and interview skills.
Most people travel for treasure hunts or to acquire contacts. Move on when you are ready to do either.

Safety Officer

Sep-12-2007 06:54

Mmm I tend to think if you're only going to get contacts, it's a moot point. You can just cycle through easies to get to the all important favour case, and if you can do favours without any help ie changing into smarts gear, in your current city, you'll be fine.

Money :) that's a good thing to have a good stash of. And patience, esp. if you get pirated a few times :)

David Adams
David Adams

Sep-12-2007 13:44

If you're contact-hunting, and just acquired one, it may not be an especially good idea to move on to another city, especially if you're building experience. It can take at least 150,000 exp. points, sometimes more if you're hunting for a specific contact, and if you haven't gone that long between contacts, you may just end up frustrated.

Mostly, you need to be able to tackle cases on your own, at whatever level you're working at, cause when you're traveling, you won't be able to get any help from your agency or fellow teammates, no matter how much you may want or need it.

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