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Featured Mysteries--no subscription?

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Sep-7-2007 13:34

I'm not a newbie, but I'm confuse about something

I just read somewhere that only subscribers can play featured and scripted mysteries. Is the featured mystery available (in New York) without a subscribtion? (I'm talking about an Unread Will) I was able to play it and I am not subscribed. Can someone point me into the right direction, because I must be missing something obvious




Sep-7-2007 13:58

Doesn't sound like you are missing anything.

There is one Feature Mystery, the Unread Will found in New York, that is accessible to non subs. All other FM's and SM's whether in NY or other cities are only playable by subscribed players.

Talianna Periwinkle
Talianna Periwinkle

Sep-8-2007 10:14

Ah, I thought so! Thanks!

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