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Faction "Little Jobs"
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Fizzlewig Trapspringer
Fizzlewig Trapspringer

Sep-7-2007 13:32

What is involved in the "Little Jobs?"

What level of difficulty are they and what skills should one have before attempting on of these?

What are the effects/benifits of completing a "Little Job"?


Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Sep-8-2007 05:05

You need 2 correct at least. This will increase your standing with the factions by 2 points.
Get all 3 correct, you can expect 3-4 points.
Quit a case to please your faction (like what I do to keep PC status), you gain 1 point.
Solve a case they'd rather have you quit, you lose 1 point.
Server reset, you can experience a loss of up to 4 points.

So it's important to do them all right. :) After a while, you know most of the answers.

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