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next skill?


Sep-6-2007 09:46

What skill should i get next:

I have:
Footprint Analysis
Stress Detection
Sweet Talking
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis
Hair Analysis
Thread Analysis

And my character is very smart..


Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Sep-6-2007 10:22

You need either rule bending or intimidation in order to get the townies to talk to you more. Then you need to work on advanced interview skills for both the suspects (sweet talking/ interrogation) and townies. Most people suggest to pick either charming or tough skills and work at getting advanced in those first before getting the other side. Don't forget if you choose charming skills, to get flirting too. And if you pick tough then get pugilism.

Since you are subscribed, you might want to look into joining an agency. They can help you with advice and extra cases to help you build your skills faster.

Pinball Amateur

Sep-6-2007 12:33

We've told others, I'm gonna tell you. There HAVE been those that have been very successful doing both tough and charming skills at the same time, but it's a tough road to hoe, especially for newbies. And by the time you reach 100k exp, you won't have enough skill points to get the advanced interview skills you'll need to take on the AI cases. And then it gets REALLLLLLY frustrating, trust me.

My advice, therefore, is to choose ONE route, either tough or charming, get the interview skills for that hierarchy, and get the second route later. Since you've already got both interrogation and sweet-talking, it's dealer's choice which one you choose.

And yes, you should go for the townie skill next. I'd think you'd be gettin' clams by now, yes? Intimidation or Rule-Bending will help with this.

Pinball Amateur

Sep-6-2007 12:37

By the way, if you do opt to stay with the two-route option (keeping both tough and charm skills), it's vital that you get Judge of Character SOON. JOC will tell you which skill, tough or charming, will work best in a particular situation. Without that, you're gonna be flyin' blind.

Anyway, good luck, and happy hunting! ;-)


Sep-8-2007 03:23

thanks for the answers... I will go get JOC next and then the townie skills

Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Sep-8-2007 05:01

I would listen to Breitkat if I were you though.

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