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A public apology
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Tana Danat
Tana Danat
Freedom Fighter

Aug-26-2007 18:57

First off, let me state that the post I made regarding new features for agencies was made in jest.

I like the game the way it is currently designed and am quite happy about that fact.
I've played games like what I described and they drive me nuts, the griefing and everything else that goes on doesn't make it any fun.

I like a few of my fellow agency members have very wry and dry senses of humor.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be taken seriously.

Should I have qualified the post better, absolutely. Should I have not posted it, maybe, if I had qualified it better I would like to think the humor would have kept going with more outrageous suggestions.

If anyone is angry please direct it toward me, my agency is a great group of people who have worked very hard on where they are today. They do not deserve the scorn or being shunned.

As for keeping myself busy that someone stated... when you are on a VH and are stuck with only 12 cases a day (sometimes less due to rotten pirates) funny things pop into mind and I am sorry if what I posted offended those in the community that I do enjoy being a part of.

T. Danat


Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Aug-27-2007 09:26

Sorry if I missed the point! Wasn't offended, personally, just responding.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-27-2007 15:26

I appreciate the apology. Prob'ly the reason why you got such a strong reaction from some of us, Tana, is that we've had similar situations REALLY happen around here (need I remind people of a certain idiot who appeared around Christmas time??). And while you may have meant it all as a joke, it wasn't and isn't a joking matter or in good taste. A lot of people were hurt, at least two agencies were destroyed, and I don't think the community wants to see it happen again.

So thank you, but let's not give nefarious minds more fodder for evil-doing, okay? ;-)

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