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A Really Bad Day
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Jay Rain
Jay Rain

Aug-24-2007 03:33

I have 4 cases a day and 2 of them have guilty clients. There's $1000+ down the drain. Then I get a wrong accusation (1 WE + 1PE!!! and yet still wrong). The other suspect did not have WE nor PE and I feel like I've really just been had.
To add to the insult, shady character charged $3000 to clear my records. That's such a massive scam. *grr*


Just wanted to rant. I'm fuming right now.


Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Aug-24-2007 22:21

Stooby: Well I suppose you're right. Better to quit than to risk paying Shady. =/

Dave: I'm not married, so it's a little hard. =)

Armitage: I don't think he'll let.

Dave again: What system? I write most of my stuff on paper.

PS. On a good note, I will be subscribing in two days. =) The 3 messed up cases really made me want to do more mysteries, because the way I see it, ALL unsubscribed detectives are already at a massive disadvantage. Not only do we get less mysteries, but that directly means we are forced to do harder cases (in my case) to get the necessary exp for skill points. Plus I really want to go to other cities too. =P On top of that, I wasn't even allowed to log on and do mysteries because priority is given to subscribed members. *grr* Can't beat 'em, join 'em.

PPS. We are allowed to have multiple detectives right? Because I have two.
I hope I won't get suspended or anything.

PPPS. Thanks for all the advice guys. =)

Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Aug-24-2007 22:22

^ That is my other account. =) Jay Rain here.

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