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Can I accuse someone base on deduction?
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Dan Morihiko
Dan Morihiko

Aug-22-2007 10:08

This may sound stupid, but i really want to know if i can accuse someone by deduction?

Like, I have 3 suspects with no/fake alibi left. (Let's say person A, B, C)
I then try matching first PE with A and B, both not match. But I already bribed when match 1st with B, so C is left unmatched.

Same goes with another PE and all WE, But I'm so damn sure that C is guilty. Even when the case find didn't show matched PE and none WE.

Can I accuse suspect C base on this?


Jay Rain
Jay Rain

Aug-24-2007 22:57

I do not bother asking for an alibi when I know that the person has no way of having a PE in the crime scene. If I find clues like 'curly hair' and 'heavy person', I won't ask the suspect for alibi if he/she has straight hair and is a slim person.

However, as I have painfully found out yesterday, being less than 100% sure is quite the frustrating experience. Especially if you make Shady really rich. =(

Any way to frame Shady for a crime? =D

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