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Hit twice by an Equipment Glitch.
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Aug-21-2007 12:13

Within the space of a week at Endeavour Investigations we have been hit by a glitch that has seen an item of equipment vanish when the smart suit is being taken or returned to the locker. At the same time other pieces of equipment have been duplicated.

The second time this hit was yesterday and fortunately only resulted in the loss of a dragon pendant. The first time we lost our Indian Serpentine Prayer Box, a huge loss as you can imagine.

On both occasions we have sent bug reports to Admin and are awaiting responses but as we’ve been hit twice I wonder why this is given that we’ve seen no other comments other than historic ones from other agencies having the same issues.

Can anyone shed any light?


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Aug-22-2007 18:57

Hi Stooby,

I don't see those bug reports. Can you either refile them, or just send me a PM explaining what you lost?

Thanks. (boo!)

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