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Help Needed!

The Rogue
The Rogue

May-5-2004 22:13

Hey everyone, I'm relatively new here, but a big fan of the game already, so much so that under my old name, Paladin, I subscribed to the site and was saving up for an agency.

I ran into a bad stretch though, got a third false accusation, and my character was retired. When the link came up though for my subscription to be transferred to a new character, though, my computer froze, leaving me SOL.

Since I didn't see an email link to the webmaster or anything that addressed this, I decided to post about my situation here in the hope that we can get this straightened out. I still have the e-mail receipt from Paypal and everything.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-6-2004 00:23


Your subscription has been transfered to your new detective. Sorry about the bad luck.

The Rogue
The Rogue

May-6-2004 14:16

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. :) Now I just have to start all over agan with building my detective.

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