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On Motives and Evidence

Scarlett Hennessy
Scarlett Hennessy

Aug-14-2007 23:55

Hi. I just want other newbies to know that ALL YOUR SUSPECTS MUST HAVE MOTIVES.

There are instances that you get new suspects from townie hints and not from other suspects. Unfortunately, these new people will not have motives unless you ask other suspects about them. Always have all motives at hand.

Motives I think are what most newbies tend to take for granted. They shouldn't. You CANNOT accuse a suspect without their motive.

Like right now, I have all physical and witness evidences against this guy. Alas, no motive. And what's worse, everybody has CLAMMED up on me. I'm counting my blessings right now.

I'm forced to quit this case this very minute after I post this message. I keep seeing the exp and skill points I may have gained, floating past me like evanescent bubbles. I reached for them and poof* they're gone.

Read this newbies. Everyone starts a newbie. But not everyone should be an idiot like me. ;D


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Aug-15-2007 06:21

You couldn't possibly be an idiot. You have the good sense to quit the case rather than make a guess. Its when you slink down to meet Shady with every last dollar you have that you really feel like an idiot. But still you're not, it only feels that way.

Remember those inspirational words.."I get knocked down but I get up again"

this concludes my public service announcement and satisfies my manditory community service work. ;)

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-15-2007 10:14

And we have all had cases like that Scarlett. At least I have.. but then, I am an idiot.. so...

*runs away singing get knocked down but I get up again, you're never going keep me down I get knocked up but I get down again your never going to keep me down I get knocked down but get up again you're never going to keep me down I get knocked down *

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