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Help! I need somebody.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-14-2007 03:21

Hey Everybody

If anyone is willing to "donate" their time and contacts to help out smaller and newer agencies, or even to help out larger, older agencies that may have lost contacts, feel free to put your names down on the post in the Detective Agency Recruiting Board.

There are a lot of new and small agencies out there now and many have very limited case file space and lack contacts. So, having someone with the one contact they need to clear the case files can help tremendously!

I am aware some of you feel they should work there way up and build their agencies up like all you did.
And there are plently of agencies out there that are happy to do this.
I am also aware that since I have come into Sleuth (and before then) that agencies and the community have always helped each with contact or equipment.

If you are feeling a little bored at the moment, or are between AVHs and want to do something a little then this might be for you.
It could also be a big advantage to inexperienced agencies having someone experienced and familar with agency life to come in and give a little advice.

It would always be up to you have much or how little you do and who and where you help.
And it would be up to you and them to arrange the details but do feel free to use the posts I have written.

I hope you all have a great day/night/week/year and life :)

And thank you very much to all those who have and do volunteer to help people who are not even in their agency or who do spend a lot of time writing PMs to new people helping them out or spend time answering posts.



Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-14-2007 03:24

For a little more information on being a "Consulting Detective" check out these links :D

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