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Big Lucy's Cabaret
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Scarlett Hennessy
Scarlett Hennessy

Aug-13-2007 06:50

Hi! After I finished 1 case today, a guy named Larry the Toe told me where I can find Big Lucy's Cabaret. For a fee of course. $500.

And I handed my money over to him just like that where it "disappeared into his pockets..."

What have I done? And what is Big Lucy's Cabaret?

He told me I can find this place near the docks tonight. With "tonight" does he mean tonight server time or was that just a figure of speech?



Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Aug-30-2013 18:08

Turtledove, Thanks for the info. And no nothing is easy, but at least I don't hear the barking anymore. :)

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