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Only 1 PE and no WE. Please Help
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Scarlett Hennessy
Scarlett Hennessy

Aug-12-2007 23:11

Hi! I'm a newbie and I'm working on 1 case right now. My Detective is tough and charming with flirting, sweet-talking, bend the rules, interrogation skills. I have spoken to all my main suspects(those without real alibis) and sadly all of them have clammed up to me. I have 2 physical evidences, a note and a footprint. The note belongs to 1 of the main suspects but the shoemaker keeps telling me that the footprint does not belong to any of my suspects at all. It's all very confusing.
Three townies have told me that three different suspects "think he/she knows who the killer is..."

1st problem.
Those 3 different suspects are the Main Suspects(I actually have 4 of them). They have all clammed up to me.

I swear I really did my best to ask just the right questions. to ask them only about the other main suspects. But I don't get any common denominator at all. Example, 1 suspect does not suspect the other 2 before he clams up, so that leaves 2 of them. When I ask the others about the "other" 2 they don't suspect them at all. Are they always telling the truth?

Last(I promise)
I know the note belongs to 1 of my main suspects, but nobody suspects her either. How can that be?

I'm so sorry to take up too much space on such a simple question. I really like this game and I just get sooo frustrated when I can't solve the case. Anyone who can help me will have my eternal gratitude. Thankyouthankyou.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-14-2007 12:43

AND there are more than 3 WE per case :D
So even if you have one WE matched to someone with a real alibi and then one person who has WE and PE, it still doesn't mean they are guilty!

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