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Shady prices
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Oct-21-2004 16:34

OK Shady prices are no big deal, just a little saving. Until, you get very high experienced.

A long time ago I stopped guessing. But I am an idiot sometimes mistakingly accuse wrong. Most, if not ALL of the time, it is because I think I already went through all evidence but didn't.

I usually try to keep double the shady money in my account. But once I have paid off Shady, it takes weeks and weeks for me to get at double the money status again. And I also would like to give some cash to my agency.

This is because, there are no games beyond earning $1040 (or was it 1070?), or $4800 for a favour case alternatively.

I currently have to pay Shady well over 400K. And this is not getting any easier.

I was wondering what the opinions are of other high experienced players now?

1. Should there be a limit to shady?
2. Should Shady be adjusted after a certain amount of experience, ie the costs advance less fast.
3. Should there be any alternatives to getting rid of falses? If so what?
4. Should it stay as is?



Oct-25-2004 08:04

I mess up too. The prices get too much and it takes a very long time to earn the money for shady. Can there a way to do a favor for him to make the price come down. Or even a way to earn more money?


Oct-25-2004 10:01

I think the price should be capped. Even if the price was 250k, that is still a lot to recover from

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