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New skill ideas
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Dan Morihiko
Dan Morihiko

Aug-12-2007 05:56

Hi there! I got some idea about new skills.

'Bargain' (charm)
Basicly, you spend LESS on everything! (Buy Items, Bribes, Pay rent, etc.)
and earn MORE on everything, too! (Sell Items, Case Payment, etc.

It could be divided to Basic, Intermediate, Advance levels. That will increase/decrease percentage of money you got or paid. Also each level can divide the scope of bargaining. (sorry, if i don't use the right words.)

And hey! We can make it NOT ALWAYS works, so it won't spoil the game. It will use your charm test to determine the result.

I mean, for examples: Basic Bargain give you 10% (+ or -) bargain rate & +5 charm when you Buy Items / Sell Items

Intermediate Bargain give 20% bargain rate & +10 charm when you Bribes / Use Horoscope /Pay Travel Cost / Solve Case (Client Payment)

Advance Bargain give 30% bargain rate & + 20 charm when you Pay Down Price (Real Estate, both resident & agency) / Pay Rent / (and guess what?) when you ask help from Shady!!!

The Advance level should be made very expensive, by the way.

Another skill i'd like to propose is 'Lucky' (i don't know which category this one should be put into)

It will work like this: Once per case, you get a 10% chance to get one random event/encounter that RANDOMLY give you one of these:

-Meet one of the suspect on the way => You can ask him/her one extra question, even when he/she already clammed up. Quite like Surveillance, i think.

-Meet one of the townspeople on the way => Like the previous one, but with the townspeople instead. (Useless if he/she is your contact)

-Overheard people talking => Clear one's no/fake alibi. Work just like research. (Useless if you already got research skill, or not if it's a different suspect :D)

-Spotted the ran away suspect => Give the suspect's location.

-Found dropped money => Gain a small amount of money.

-more, but I got no idea for now

Please tell me what you guys think. 'Cos I'm quite new to this game


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Aug-17-2007 04:39

Eh, I could go either way with the two seance skills. In fact it doesn't need to be a skill at all, could just be a new feature with the fortune teller.

I don't like the idea of a new archetype. That would just get messy, what with new occult clothes and old clothes that would make more sense as giving bonuses to the occult. As I said, a mess!

I would like to change the proposed skill "Claivoyance" to "Arithmetic" to fit in more with the smarts skills.

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