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New skill ideas
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Dan Morihiko
Dan Morihiko

Aug-12-2007 05:56

Hi there! I got some idea about new skills.

'Bargain' (charm)
Basicly, you spend LESS on everything! (Buy Items, Bribes, Pay rent, etc.)
and earn MORE on everything, too! (Sell Items, Case Payment, etc.

It could be divided to Basic, Intermediate, Advance levels. That will increase/decrease percentage of money you got or paid. Also each level can divide the scope of bargaining. (sorry, if i don't use the right words.)

And hey! We can make it NOT ALWAYS works, so it won't spoil the game. It will use your charm test to determine the result.

I mean, for examples: Basic Bargain give you 10% (+ or -) bargain rate & +5 charm when you Buy Items / Sell Items

Intermediate Bargain give 20% bargain rate & +10 charm when you Bribes / Use Horoscope /Pay Travel Cost / Solve Case (Client Payment)

Advance Bargain give 30% bargain rate & + 20 charm when you Pay Down Price (Real Estate, both resident & agency) / Pay Rent / (and guess what?) when you ask help from Shady!!!

The Advance level should be made very expensive, by the way.

Another skill i'd like to propose is 'Lucky' (i don't know which category this one should be put into)

It will work like this: Once per case, you get a 10% chance to get one random event/encounter that RANDOMLY give you one of these:

-Meet one of the suspect on the way => You can ask him/her one extra question, even when he/she already clammed up. Quite like Surveillance, i think.

-Meet one of the townspeople on the way => Like the previous one, but with the townspeople instead. (Useless if he/she is your contact)

-Overheard people talking => Clear one's no/fake alibi. Work just like research. (Useless if you already got research skill, or not if it's a different suspect :D)

-Spotted the ran away suspect => Give the suspect's location.

-Found dropped money => Gain a small amount of money.

-more, but I got no idea for now

Please tell me what you guys think. 'Cos I'm quite new to this game



Aug-12-2007 12:46

How about an "assassination" skill, for when we have to deal with Shady? You know, give us an x% chance of bumping him off instead of paying him.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-13-2007 04:18

Yeah, there are tonnes of posts about new skill ideas ... the search function is your friend!

However, while we are here... :D

I love the idea of new skills as many people do and I think it would be great to develop skills even furthur.

I also don't see why fingerprinting wouldn't work. You do a finger printing training course, once again it could be basic, intermmediate and advanced and if you'll lucky enough to find a fingerprint you can see you mate at City Hall :D

Ok, so an extra link at City Hall would have to be added, but so what?

The basic could be a 10% chance of finding a fingerprint (you could still find up to four of the other evidence this would be a chance to find a 5th piece of evidfence)
Intermeddiate could be 15% and the Advanced 20%.

Meanwhile, like Conan Barberian Arthur Doyle you become interested in the occult and learn the Seance skill which like surviellance may not always work but may let you ask a dead person for a motive or who they suspect.
The occult aspect fits in nicely with the whole holmezysleuth thing

There are still a lot of opportunities to develop a lot of skills.
And I don't think it would make the game too easy. After all, even the est detectives are still quitting cases.

And you wouldn't always get a chance to use all the skills anyhow. You might not find a fingerprint or the dead person cannot be summoned.

Anyhow I think these are all great ideas Dans. I really like the lucky/random event idea and I love the whole Shady bargaining one!

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-13-2007 04:19

Besides, if you made then be expensive say 15 or 20 skill points, and then it does make cases easy, I think you earned that.
Also, if you don't want it to be easy, try doing an AI with no clothes on and leave your agency. There are heaps of ways to make this game more challenging.
I would love it if you could develop a detective to the extent where you never had to quit a case.
And it would be a nice reward for working so hard

Armitage Shanks
Armitage Shanks

Aug-13-2007 04:20

How is a dead fixer of any use? It's like doing community singing at the cemetary..


Aug-13-2007 04:51

Ah Lady Emerald aren't personal opinions wonderful! I say what would be the point of a game so easy there was no challenge!!!

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-13-2007 05:04

Huh? I said you can always find challeges in this game :)

If you find it too easy and never ever have to quit a case then start a new detective and make it a solo one.
If you find it too easy and never have to quit a case, then do your cases naked :D (The detective that is, I know a lot of you already sleuth naked or semi clothed!)

You don't have to make your detective the best possble detective there is, and I still think that even if you did bring in new skills and new equipment, the luck factor would still provide a small challenge. Not to mention just getting there in the first place is a HUGE challenge.

So, if your personal opinion is that it would make the game too easy, then you could choose not to buy the skills while all of us who want more skills and new ways to extend the game and our detectives could :)

Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Aug-13-2007 14:31

Yah for bargaining with Shady. I don't even care about any other barganin, but that one would be oh so welcome.

Soni Radyo
Soni Radyo

Aug-14-2007 14:17

bargaining would be AWESOME!!!

Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Aug-16-2007 05:22

How about this as a new package of skills:

Surrepticious bribe - Toughness - Anyone can bribe but to really get the message across takes skill. (Allowing you to bribe a person one more time for extra info. Once per case only)

Clairvoyance - Smarts - Tells you when enough is enough. (Replacing the fortune teller by showing a screen when you got all suspects in a case. Saying:I had gained enough experience from previous cases to tell me that there would be no more people with a motive to kill [victimName]. It was time to work out who the killer was.)

Bargaining - Charm - Lets you cut some prices down to size. (10% + clothes-charm % off of Shadys fee)

All three of them should have a ridiculously high skillpoint price. Say 20?

I know that the clairvoyance is pointless, it is just a throwaway to equal the balance out between the three skill-types.
I just really like the bargaining and could have used Surrepticious bribe several times over.

Dan Morihiko
Dan Morihiko

Aug-16-2007 12:21

Lady Emerald Devon, thanks for your compliment. I really like your idea of Seance skill, so I put my wild idea into it. When using this skill the result may be like this...

You can communicate with [victim]'s spirit. So you ask about the killer, then he/she reply that the killer is a heavy person.

I think you get the point, the spirit of the victim will tell one characteristic of the killer. (male/female, curly hair/straight hair, left handed/right handed, slim/heavy)

Of course, some one will say that this is another funny skill that will make the game TOO EASY. So I put condition to use in it too.

Seance skill can be use ONLY when a suspect in your case just be killed. I mean the second victim that happen randomly. For this skill can only be use with person that just recently dead. I make sense that another person is dead, you can then communicate with the spirit that didn't wander away from the crime scene.

More idea about this is it could be more skill type like "Spiritual" or "Occultist" and put Seance and Lucky in it. Since no detective has this archtype, there is no cost reduce for skills in this type.

Dave Von Wave, Surrepticious bribe is sure a very handy skill to have. If i got one i will frequently use it. :D

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