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No more cases for today.
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Patric Flannagan
Patric Flannagan

Aug-8-2007 16:34

As i prepared to hit the streets i turned my collar up in a futile attempt to stop the rain running down my neck.

Things were tough - i han't had a case in ages. It had seemed that the rain was keeping the kooks inside.
I had even worn the soles of my shoes down walking the streets looking for clients and got no where.

I tried to light a cigarette, but the rain pooled over from the brim of my hat making the white coffin nail too wet to light.

Throwing the useless cigarette away in frustration i knew things would pick up soon... the rain might keep the kooks inside, but it also meant those same kooks would get cabin fever and clients would once again be knocking on my door...


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jan-8-2008 00:54

Spiced it up anyway. Admit it, this thread was dull. D-U-L-L :-)

I didn't think about that either, though, thanks for the info. I didn't think about looking it up. :-)

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