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Archetypes, Skills and Gears!
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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-30-2007 03:34


This only makes the skills associated with it cheaper. (As far as
I know).

So this means, a Very Smart detective could choose to buy only tough skills, only charming skills or a mixture.
Or a Very Charming detective could buy only tough skills.

Here's what Greyling had to say:
Very-something detectives can subtract 4 points from the base cost of skills that match their archetype.

Combined-archetype detectives can subtract 2 points from the base cost of skills that match the 2 types they cover.

Every detective will have to pay full price/base cost for skills that belong to a different "statistic" than their archetype :)


Gear enhances the skills you have. If you have only Charming Skills and wear only Tough Gear, you will not get any enhancement from your equipment. As a lot of Tough Gear has negative values to Charming so you are actually penalising your skills.

Smart Gear: This will enhance any smart skills you have, increasing the chances of finding PE evidence at a crime scene AND finding specific PE at the crime scene, that is, a curly hair rather than a hair. You still need the skills first for the gear to be effective.

What people in agencies do, is put Smart Gear on to search the crime scene then switch into their interview gear.

Tough Gear (an interview outfit): Enhances Tough Skills, for example, Imtimidation and Interrogation.

Charming Gear (an interview outfit): Enhances Charming Skills, for example, Sweet Talking and Rule Bending.


There are your tools to being a detective. The gear/equipment only enhanced them.

There is a lot of talk about what skills to get and when.

The very basci rules is too not mix and match early on.
Get your basic smart skills and your basic interview skills (tough or charming not both at first).

Flirting and Puglism: Flirting enhances Sweet Talking and Rule Bending whereas Puglism (a Faction Skill) enhances Interrogation and Intimidation.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Sep-17-2007 12:32

I feel like a broken record sometimes and I know there are certain people who disagree with me, but here we go again...

I am tough and charming and think it is the best archetype in the game. You get your discount on the two most important skill sets. Solving cases is based on getting people to talk to you. As tough and charming you have an advantage here. It is NOT more difficult that any other combination. In fact, it's kinda fun.

When your detective was created, you were given Judge of Character. That was not an accident or a mistake or something to be ignored. It was a gift that only tough and charming detectives get on start up. Take advantage of it!

You asked for help on skills. Here's my take on your situation:

1. Flirting first. It's dirt cheap and gives you a +20 with everyone of the opposite sex. Next time you do JoC with a male townie/suspect, do the math and see what a big difference that can make. When you have it and try to build your suspect list, you can start with the men and fill your list faster, more questions before clamming, etc. Batting those eyelashes of yours can go a long way. :)
2. Rule Bending. You need to be able to talk to townies in both ways. Again, combined with flirting, you will have less clamming. Without it, tough had better work or you've got nothing. And who wants that when you don't have to?
3. Research. It's one of those costly smart skills but will make your life a lot easier and worth the wait

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Sep-17-2007 12:35

After that, sit back and re-group. Hopefully you have your PE contact in your home city, so you know which advanced smart skill will come last. Think about what you wished would be a little easier and go for that. I alternated between picking up a more advanced tough/charm and an advanced smart skill. I was in a Green Hand city so I worked myself up with them to get Pugilism, which gives a +10 tough on everyone. Just go back and forth with it. But always take a tough/charm skill if you feel like your hurting over a smart skill.

If you want some tips on solving with no smarts, just PM me and I can help with this.

The only other suggestion I would make is with your gear. You are a lucky detective in that you are subbed and in an agency with a locker. At the moment I'm writing this, I see you are at +6 smart. Smart gear will only help you if you have the advanced smart skills. You don't have those yet. So get yourself a charming hat to go with that bracelet and stow the old hat in your locker for later. Even when you do start to get the smart skills, ONLY wear smart gear when you check crime scenes or travel for THs. Even when you travel, you really don't need any more than 3-4 smarts pts. in your gear to get by.

You're gear is good, I see you trying for that balance. You just need to drop the hat, and continue to look for better and better gear as you do your cases. It doesn't matter what it looks like now. There will be plenty of time for fashion decisions later. Right now you need the points. As soon as you get offered a tough accessory with more pts than that blade in your pocket - trade it out. If people have left better gear in the locker for others to wear, ask if you can use it.

( Copy and Pasted from the "So I stupidly picked Charming and Tough post. This was posted by Treschaude from The Closers who proves that Tough and Charming also means you're smart :) )

Danny Mack
Danny Mack
Old Shoe

May-25-2012 08:38

*Archetype: This only makes the skills associated with it cheaper.

It means you could be a Very Tough detective with only charm skills and charm gear and be very successful.

*Gear/Equipment: Gear enhances the skills you have.

It means you will have more success using a skill if you have clothing that enhance that skill. For example, if you use sweet talking and have 20 charm, it will work better than having only 3 charm.

*Skills: These are your tools to being a detective.

Charming and Tough are interview skills either suspects or townsfolk.

Smart skills are to find evidence at the crime skill and surviellance.


May-29-2012 23:24

Simple rules to make an effective entry
-choose any character and get research as your 1 st skill
-completely avoid stress detection is useless before your 1mio points
-choose your way (Tough or smart) ....both are equals
-avoid investing in smart gear as +1 smart is more than enough and usually has the same outcome as +30 smart (!!!! believe it or not it is true)
-make your way up respecting the above and you will be fine


May-29-2012 23:27

A small either go up charm all the way or tough all the way...YOU NEVER MIX THEM (at least not before your 4 mio points)


May-29-2012 23:31

As it is a must to go all the way up with either Tough or Charm I think you all conclude immediatelly that Judgement of character is also completely useless before the 4 mio points so avoid at all cost any premade character with this useless skill

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