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Crime scene decision
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Jim Diamond
Jim Diamond

Jul-29-2007 10:06

Does anyone know exactly *when* the crime scene is spawned?

- Is it at the time you start the case and get the intro?

- Is it at the time you click 'continue' after reading the intro?

- Is it the first time you actually visit the scene (either by clicking "Investigate Crime Scene" or clicking the Crime Scene tab on the top)?

I am thinking it's the latter, but I just wanted to be sure.


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Aug-2-2007 09:16

On the chicken or the egg subject, I walked through the Mystery editor a few days ago and it specifies who the PE implicates.

Thus I would assume the normal code does that as well. It would be a fair extrapolation that PE and attributes are created seperately and one of the things that the crime scene page generates is what attributes the PE actually has. Depending on your skill in recognising and finding it and on the attribute of the implicated suspect.

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