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A couple of questions...

Eva Hunter
Eva Hunter

Jul-29-2007 09:19

Is there anyway to use my own avatar? I notice some people have different ones to the ones that were available to me...

Also, is there any way (besides retiring and reactivating) to redeem yourself of false accusations? Maybe every X number of cases you do, a false accusation is deleted?

Also, do you gain minus reputation every time you retire and restart? The first time i got retired my rep went to -5 with all factions regardless of what i was on before. If i retired again would it reset to -5 again or would it be -10 or something?

Also! I don't understand why i can't gain/lose rep when doing favours... The last three times i was doing favours, i got the "x faction will be pissed, x faction will be happy" but couldn't use that to my advantage... so from 12 cases i managed to alter my faction by 1, so at that rate i'd have to play for 30 days just to get one faction skill presuming i get to bump up the faction i need...

Thanks :)


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-29-2007 09:28


You can send in an avatar if you're subscribed. The link is on the City Hall somewhere I think.

You can pay the Shady Character at the Bar to get rid of FAs. You can do this a one or two FAs. Most people wait until two. Dehli is the cheapest place to pay them off as far as I know.

When you are doing a favor, the Faction Twist does not apply.

You can do other things to increase your factions.

I'd recoomend reading cfm's Welcome Newbie's post. It has nearly every question ever asked in Sleuth and it's answers :)

Good luck.

Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Jul-30-2007 16:34

As far as I understand it, you cannot gain/lose rep with factions on favors because some people purposefully work on building-up a rep with certain factions and do not want to have to quit a favor just to avoid losing rep with a faction. At least with the normal cases you can pass them on to an agency member who "works with" that certain faction. Remember that each favor you do can give you the chance to earn a contact. It gets a bit tricky to juggle that with trying to build-up a rep with a certain faction.

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