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Moving Your Detective Agency to a New City

Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Jul-27-2007 04:16

I spent a lot of time looking through the posts, but they are absolutely endless. :(

I am thinking of relocating our agency to London. How can I view available Agency Realestate before I make the final decision to change cities? Or can I? Or is it the same realestate available in each city?

I didn't know where else to post this.


Lucky Stiff

Jul-27-2007 12:48

When you click on "Move Headquarters" on your agency main page, it will give you a list per city of where you can move before anything is actually moved, that way you know the cost, the available property, etc.

Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Jul-27-2007 12:57

Thank you. I was afraid to actually click on another city without knowing whether or not it would move us to that city. It makes sense that one would first pick-out the property. :)

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