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Need help with case
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Jessie James
Jessie James

Jul-26-2007 09:28

I'm working on a favor. It's an Intermediate level. I've got 1 piece of PE which is Thread/Female.

Only 2 females have false/none alibi's, but the thread isn't from either of them.

I've asked every suspect who they think is guilty, and no one said either of these 2 female suspects.

What can i do now?



Jul-27-2007 12:00

Jessie, are we talking about the same question?

Yes, you go through and ask the suspects if they know anyone who has a motive for murder.

However, there is another question wherein you ask Person A if they have any specific reason to believe that a person is guilty - when you ask, a list will come up of all the other suspect names and you have to choose one.

Did you ask each person that question, too?

By the way, KUDOS to you for wisely quitting the case instead of guessing! :-) Yay, quitting!! Boo, false accusations!!

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