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Rosamund Clifford
Rosamund Clifford
Tale Spinner

Jul-26-2007 01:11

Has anyone noticed Ben's brand new shoes?

"These slippers were worn by a general in the armies of the Ptolemaic Pharaohs. It is thought it was the precious metals in the thread that preserved them through the ages."

Toughness Test Adjustment: -1
Smarts Test Adjustment: -1
Charm Test Adjustment: 3

I'm already packing my archaeological tools and preparing myself to do some digging.


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Dec-9-2007 18:10

I'm tough but still I have a soft spot for the charming guys.
Why can't they have a +2 shoe---other than the satin slipper?

I propose "Blue Suede Shoes +2 Charm.

Anyone agree?

Washed Up Punter

Dec-9-2007 23:12

Very charming shoes that are not horrendeously ugly are already out there. You just have to go to Cairo and find some spoons! I was never so happy as when I ditched the god awful polka dot pumps and hideous pink slippers for some tres chic Cairo fashions. One pair's a +2 and the other's a +3 charm. Can't ask for anything better than that :)

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