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need a suggestion...

private diddy
private diddy

Jul-25-2007 10:12

I have all the toughness skills, am starting to work on the smarts, so which one would be better to get now, advanced hair analysis or thread anlysis?


Old Shoe

Jul-25-2007 10:47

I hope you have your basic hair and thread but after that it doesnt really matter which one you get next unless you get your PE contact then get it last as it isnt nearly as important

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Jul-25-2007 10:49

If you do not have basic thread analysis you will never find thread at the crime scene. So that one is more important.

Every detective starts with basic foot and basic handwritting in order to find the footprints and notes at the crime scenes. You must purchase basic thread and basic hair to find those at the crime scenes.

Once you have those two skills, the order you get the advanced set is up to you. The advanced skills will tell you heavy/slim foot, left/right hand, male/female thread and curly/straight hair.

Most will tell you to wait to get the advanced smart skill that you have a contact for. If you have the Barber for a contact, then wait to get the advanced hair analysis until you get the other skills.

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