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the pix 4 girl detectives
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Ruby Black
Ruby Black

Jul-24-2007 14:36

This is a just oppinion kinda thing:
Some ppl think the pix 4 girl detectives are bad, and someppl wish they had ''prettier'' pictures 2 choose from. I wanna know what other ppl think. Do u agree with the ppl who say the pix 4 grls are bad? Or do u like them?
Just wondering.



Jul-28-2007 21:56

I'm sorry, I'm with Jim on this one.

There are a ton of wonderful, helpful, compassionate people out there. But, you know, that doesn't make the news "interesting" like the bad stuff does. Oh, sure, they do "human interest" stories, one a day. And then thirty more stories of horrible crap. Oh, yes, and Paris Hilton/Nicole Ritchie/Britney Spears/Lindsey Lohan stories. As if it's news....

Thank goodness for small towns. At least when people do something nice, and it happens often, the story circulates around town. (Of course, all the rest of your business circulates around town, too... hehe - pays to lead an interesting life!)

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