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Terrance Zorn
Terrance Zorn

Jul-22-2007 06:56

City News 5c

Local News

(cont from page 5) Police have been heard to say, that Huan and Shen will return the breasts promptly.

Consulting Detectives Available.

In a move that served Sherlock Holmes well; our two esteemed and beloved Ladies of Shanghai are continuing their philanthropy by being available to consult other agencies where needed.

Joined by the heroic, clever and very handsome Dark Raven, the wonderful, lovely, kind Lady Emerald Devon and the zany, witty, brilliant Lady Ruby Caplan are available to any agency, big or small in any consulting matters.

Although based in Shanghai, the Terrific Trio are available as consultants to any detective in any city.

If you wish to obtain their services, a Sleuth Mail can be sent to any of the three to arrange a time.


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-30-2007 09:44

Lady Emerald Devon yawned, it had been a busy day flitting around town catching up with old friends, making new.

She wondered how Lady Ruby's hunt was going and how long she would have relaxing in the spacious rooms at Mokita before another Agency needed help or case files cleared.

Lady Ruby Caplan
Lady Ruby Caplan

Jul-30-2007 09:50

Lady Ruby Caplan stormed through the front door of Mokita slamming it loudy behind her before tripping on a Tommy Gun.

"Oh for crying out loud!" she rubbed her toe ruefully, I guess Dark Raven popped in she thought.

"LEDDIE! I need a drink! I hate this city! I hate those damn Arch Villains. That pansy little prince should do his own dirty work! How's the consulting work going anyhow?"

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