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CONTEST-Guess the sleuther
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Tireless Tiger

Jul-21-2007 17:22

Ok, have a new contest to stary here, It's going to be Guess the Sleuther.

What I need from you is to send a pic of yourself as a child, along with a clue as to your identity for me to post.

Once all entries are in, I will post them online and whoever identifies the most pics wins.

Email your pics and clue to

I will be accepting pics all week and the guessing can begin on July 29. I will provide a link to the pics then.

Oh yeah, your are all probably wondering what the winner recieves.

After speaking with our fabulous Ben, he has agreed to award the winner with their very own Palace Gate Key.
If anyone has any questions just PM me.



Aug-5-2007 09:12

Congrats, Leddy! Very well done, indeed. :)

Wonderful contest, Ctown. Some of the clues, now that I know who they belong to, are kind of obvious. But, also obvious, I couldn't figure 'em out, hehe.

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