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do factions favor skills?

Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan

Jul-21-2007 13:03

I was able to enter the order of socrates store today.
I noticed that most of the equipment available seemed to give larger smart bonuses than anything else.
Do the other factions also favor certain skill types?


R Anstett
R Anstett

Jul-21-2007 14:00

The factions do not favor skill types, but each faction does have a special skill you can learn only from them.

Yes the gear from Factions is better than just about everything except the rewards from Arch Villian Hunts.

Be aware that you get the best prices for faction gear when your standing with them is 30+

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Jul-21-2007 16:51

Yes, each faction does help certain skill types more than others.
You are correct that Order of Socrates does have more smart equipment, LCN favors tough equipment and the DAB has more charming type equipment. You can see a full list at:

That site and many others is listed under Sleuth Community Sites in City Hall.

Dapper Dan
Dapper Dan

Jul-21-2007 18:24

aha! i knew i was on to something.
thank you. you have been tremendously helpful in helping me plan out my career.

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